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You always have the opportunity to return your item if it does not meet your expectations or if it was a wrong product you have purchased. Do you have any questions about returns, complaint or any third, we encourage you to contact us via our contact form.

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Care and Materials

MARBLE SURFACES All GUBI’s marble tabletops get a protective treatment before they are sent to the customer. Stone is a natural product and as such it has variations in tone, colour, granularity and pattern. Because of this, a sample may not exactly match a slab or finished product. The samples should give a general idea of the colour, finish and pattern of the stone you choose. All stones have veining and crystallizations that can appear to be cracks or pits but are actually a natural property of the stone. Stone forms over thousands if not millions of years. These slow processes lead to many variations in structure, colour and pattern. It is precisely these variations that make stone such an appealing material. Daily Cleaning Normal cleaning is done by wiping the surface with a damp soft cloth first soaked in hot water with liquid detergent or soapy water. Marble is a limestone and therefore does not tolerate acidic liquid such as vinegar, lemon juice or wine due to the risk of staining. Stains such as these may be impossible to remove. In case of spilling something acidic on the marble top, immediately wash away! Do not use scouring pads, acidic detergents or abrasive cleaners as this may damage the surface. Maintenance All our table tops are delivered with a sealing product applied. Marble tops require some maintenance each 8-12 months, depending on the type of use. This maintenance can be done with a commercial product, by following the instructions included with the product. Heat Stress Marble can withstand heat for short periods, but does not tolerate extremely high temperatures. Glowing hot cookware directly from the stove can mark or damage the marble. This will show as a spot and cracks can also appear. In such cases please use a trivet. To avoid marking or scratching the surface, avoid pulling abrasive objects across the marble plate

All good things that are made to last need good care. Below we have gathered some of the most important recommendations concerning maintenance of GUBI products. The recommendations are partially based on the guide from Danish Furnituremakers Quality Control ”Take good care of good furniture”.

  • Always start by using the mildest cleaning agent. I.e. demineralized or cold, boiled water.

  • Candle wax and chewing gum are most easily removed after careful freezing with a carbon dioxide freeze spray (available at most electronics retailers).

  • Always protect tabletops against heat, damp, colored objects. Use trivets.

  • Remember to tighten fittings where necessary.

  • Please note that wooden table legs can leave stains (especially in connection with washing floors or cleaning carpets).

  • Never place furniture directly up against radiators or heaters.

  • Red wine, coffee or the like, can leave a mark if you leave it on the table top and do not remove it right after it has been spilled.

For dusting and light cleaning use a soft, dry cloth. For further cleaning, use a soft cloth that is firmly wrung in clean water for gently wiping the surface, and then immediately use a dry cloth to wipe the surface again. If more thorough cleaning is necessary, use a mild liquid soap dissolved in water on a firmly wrung cloth to wipe the frame. Afterwards, repeat the process with clean water as described above.


  • Beetle dining table, Ø90

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  • Assembly instructions for Beetle table

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Beetle Dining Table

4-star base - Ø90 cm

With its light and simple appearance, the Beetle Dining Table is perfectly suited for cafés and restaurants as well as for contract spaces. The Beetle Table is available as a dining and lounge version and comes in different table top sizes to suit various spatial settings.... read more

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